Audionic Bluetooth Speaker Twin Bar 3

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The powerful 2.1 channel bluetun speakers. Now enjoy deep bass and amazing sound quality in the all new TwinBar 3 speakers. If you're looking for a large woofer to enjoy your music with high bass backup this should be your go to product. It comes under one year warranty. The built in FM radio provides users with an edge to listen to theri favorite songs and stay connected with favorite shows.

2.1 Channel Speaker



The Bluetooth access enables the users to connect with their phones and listen to their songs collection.

USB Supported:

Plug in with the USB and play as much as you want.

SD Card Supported:

One can also connect throuh the SD card.

LED Display:

The LED display ensure to show the status.

Built in FM Radio

Listening and catching up with your favorite shows is much easy with the built in FM radio.

Remote Control:

It comes with a remote, access freely from a specific range.


Output Power:

The output power is 30W +15W x 2

Drive Unit:

Sub Woofer 5* Satellite 3.5'' x 2