Audionic Mehfil MH-505 Hangable Speaker

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Is your group constantly on the move? Audionic's Mehfil MH-505 Hangable Speakers is the best option for you. It is available with one speaker of 8 inches that provide high definition sound which makes it perfect for outdoor gatherings and large functions like outdoor mehfils and processions. The wireless remote control offers full function for changing/adjusting media and levels. The Bluetooth support feature can connect the speaker with any Bluetooth enabled device. Moreover, you can play MP3 files directly by plugging in USB. You can also enjoy your favorite tracks with support of TF Card. The wireless Mic allows you to use it as a loudspeaker anywhere when required. Furthermore, the added option of Audio Output, Delay and Repeat complete an overall amazing product for our consumers. Furthermore, the speaker comes with Four beepers that provide built in sounds.

Sound That Will Cater To All Your Portable Needs

Rechargeable Battery: It carries rechargeable battery which lasts for 4-6 hours with ease.

Wireless MIC: You can experience two wireless mics in MH-505.

USB supported USB port helps user to directly play anything from your USB.

SD card Supported: It is also supported with SD card slot to play any file directly.

Remote control: It is featured with wire-less remote which controls the output function of the system.

F.M RADIO Supported: It has built-in F.M support to make your F.M radio experience wonderful.

Audio Out: Connect multiple speakers with MH-505 via Audio out option.

Delay and Repeat: Audionic is proud to launch Delay and Repeat effect for the first time in its new Mehfil Series.