Audionic Trolley Speaker - MH-15

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After the success of Mehfil's ten and twelve inches speaker Audionic has released an Eight Inches portable speaker with exceptional sound quality and outstanding design. Mehfil MH-15 has an output power of 15 Watts that provides ample power for your gatherings. This speaker comes with all the important features such as;
Bluetooth, USB, Aux , Remote, FM radio, Delay, Repeat etc.

Front Panel With Adjustable Knob

Bluetooth: It offers user Bluetooth connectivity to any Bluetooth enable device.

USB supported: Users can use USB drive to directly play anything.

SD Card/TF Card: Use SD/TF card to play files directly.

AUX Port: User can also experience audio files from its Aux port.

Remote control: The wire-less remote, controls the output function of the system.

Wireless MIC: User can experience very high frequency wireless MIC.

Rechargeable Battery: It has rechargeable battery which last for 4-6 hours.

Output Power: Output Power: RMS 15W

Drive Unit: Drive Unit: 8 inches speaker.

Delay and Repeat: Audionic is proud to launch Delay and Repeat effect for the first time in its new Mehfil Series.