Dukhoon - Portable Bukhoor Heater

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The incense is known to be discovered for about centuries ago. Regularly, it spreads its aroma through burning a piece of charcoal or any other lighting tool; and despite the potential danger it carries, the incense is essential in every occasion. Moreover, it gives a scent of luxury every time, along with all the memories it brings back while igniting. Dukhoon is a new invention of its kind that ignites incense by its ceramic-made heating element. It can heat the incense on the same temperature of charcoal. In consequence, the smell of the original incense is preserved for a longer time, keeping the place enriched with a scent of luxury.

يعود اكتشاف البخور إلى أكثر من مئات السنين حيث يتم إشعاله عن طريق إحراقه بالفحم أو أي أداة إشعال خفيفة منذ حينها، وبالرغم من الخطورة المحتملة، إلا أن البخور يعتبر جزء أساسي لكل مناسبة كما يضفي رائحة من الفخامة بالإضافة إلى جلبه العديد من اللحظات المرتبطة بالعديد من الذكريات.دخون هو ابتكار سابق لنوعه يساعد على إشعال كسرة البخور بواسطة آلة التسخين المصنوعة من السيراميك والتي تصل حرارتها إلى نفس درجة حرارة الفحم، مما يؤدي إلى الحفاظ على رائحة البخور الأصلية لتفوح رائحة الفخامة في أرجاء المكان

A high quality and portable electric bakhour heater (without the use of flames).

Box Contents:

  • Dakhoun
  • Micro USB
  • Forceps
  • Cleaning brush
  • Net
  • Bag
  • Manual

Device Constituents:

  • Air Outlet
  • Air Input
  • Signal Light
  • Micro USB Input
  • On/Off Button
  • Security Lock
  • Bakhour Room
  • Net
  • Pushing Pin

Lights Guide:

Green Light - The device is working: both the heater and the fan are working

Green Light Flashing Slowly - The device is cooling down: both the heater and the fan are suspended

Red Light Flashing Rapidly - The battery is low, the device automatically stops working

Red Light -

  • The device is being charged
  • The Device is being charged but the light is off
  • The device is fully charged

Red and Green Lights are flashing rapidly - An error occurred and the device stops working.

How to Use: (When adding bakhour)
  • Make sure that the security Lock is raise- the device is locked
  • Open the outlet (Air Outlet Lid)
  • Put the net on the device
  • The net separates between the heater and bakhour, preventing bakhour from burning or causing a bad smell
  • Put bakhour on the upper part of the net
  • Amount of smoke is affected by both bakhour’s quality and quantity
  • Install the outlet (Air outlet lid) on the device
Tips & Tricks:
  • Small Bakhour pieces help minimizing the time needed for heating.
  • Don't Overstack the net with bakhour as it blocks the flow of smoke, hence reducing the amount of smoke coming from the device
  • Amount of smaoke is affected by both bakhour;s quality and quanity.
Operating the Device:
Put Bakhour pieces inside the ceramic room (Bakhour room) then heat the Bakhour using the heating device whoose degree may reach up until charcoal burning degree (400 - 450 degree). Heating piece does not work through flames so the smoke keeps it high quality original essence the thing that makes using "Dakhoun" faster and easier than any other traditional way while still maintaining the original high quality smoke and Bakhour essence

Before using, charge the device until the light turns off, make sure that the USB is properly connected

  • Lower the security lock to unlock the device
  • Keep pressing on the On/Off button twice to turn on the device
  • The fan pushes the smoke (worksfor 3 sec then rests for 2 sec)
  • To achieve best performances, adjust the device at 45 degree while tilting the outlet (Air Outlet Lid) upward. Avoid using the device vertically
  • Keep away from the On/Off Button until the device stops working
  • Move the security lock upwards to lock the device
Cooling Down automatically:
  • After using the device for 2 minutes and 30 seconds, it cools down for 30 minutes. During that period, the heater and fan stops working
  • To avoid overheating, the safety sensor inside the device starts the cooling down process if the heat reached a high degree
  • During cooling down period, the device will not work. There is no need to keep pressing the On/Off button.
  • Be careful and do not obscure or block the air outlet or input during the cooling down process.

Note: Using the device frequently for short periods of time activates the cooling down process.