Warranty and Returns Policy:


The warranty periods on the products we have for sale are all based on the manufacturer’s warranty rules unless otherwise stated. We have listed information on these warranty periods on the relevant product descriptions.

A typical warranty of products offered through us will last for one full year from the date when you buy the product.

In accordance with the warranties, we can fix most defective items you hold within fourteen business days; this timing is based on when we receive it. You will receive a full refund on your order in the event that we are unable to resolve your problem within that time period.

In the event that we are unable to take in your item for any purpose, you may contact the manufacturer of that said item to get the issue you have with your product resolved. Any information relating to who can be contacted for added information with regards to your warranty can be reviewed right off of our website.

The warranty on your product will cover manufacturing defects and any unexpected problems that might come about as a result of routine use. The warranty will not cover any physical damages that came about on the item in question.

Products that were damaged due to outside problems like weather issues, electrical accidents or your improper use of the product will not be covered by our warranty.

Any usage of a product beyond its intended use will be interpreted as a violation of the warranty. Therefore, you will not be able to get your product returned in the event that you use it different for any particular reason.

To get service on your product in accordance with its warranty, contact us by email or phone to get the problem resolved. We will provide you with a number to keep track of your need for assistance. You will then have to ship the item in question back to us to get it serviced; be sure to list the proper number for your return process on the shipping label.

We will not accept any packages that are sent collect or COD. Also, we are not responsible for any damages that might occur as a result of what happens when your product is in transit; you are fully responsible for securing your item as you are getting ready to ship it out. In addition, you will have to provide all information on shipping for the return process if you are looking to get reimbursement on the cost of getting your item shipped out to us.

Also, we encourage you to ship the item to us in its original package. Do not remove any of the labels or bar codes from your box. You may be able to contact a customer service representative for help in the event that you are unable to get any of the numbers off of the package although there are no guarantees that you will end up getting the proper number for your product.

We will not cover the shipping cost for anything you have to return for any purpose.

We have warranties on most of the products that we sell. Be sure to check the page for the item you are interested in to see if we will cover that product.

We offer a maximum of two instances where you can get your item repaired if it is covered by a warranty. You will get a full refund on your order in the event that you have to return it for the third time. This will only be given out in the event that you have a legitimate issue with regards to your product.

We do not offer any extensions on our warranties.

You will be responsible for any shipping charges that come about in the event that you return your product to us and it is deemed to not have a need to be repaired.

Review your warranty information before getting in touch with us to ensure that you understand the key points relating to your product.

Some separate warranties may be applied to very specific parts of certain items. For instance, a tablet may have a warranty that features a one-year coverage plan on the software and a three-month period for the hardware associated with it.

Return Points

You can also choose to return your product to us in the event that you have any issues with it. You can return your product to us for a full refund within 7 days after ordering it.

You can also return a product for a full replacement within 7 days of your order.

A restocking fee will be required for any returns. The restocking fee is worth 15%.

The details on your name, address and contact phone number will be kept on file as a means of getting information on where your product is to be shipped out to. Any other piece of identifiable information will not be stored with us.

A return shipping label may be printed for your return package depending on what you have ordered. You will have to print this through a proper email that has the full listing of whatever you are returning on it.

Return for Promotional Deals

You will not be able to return any products to us in the event that the products you ordered were part of a significant sale offer. This includes any products bought as part of a bundle offer, a clearance offers or for any other significant discount.

You can still return your product for a full replacement within 7 days after you order it even if you bought it through a substantial discount offer. A restocking fee of 15% will still be applied to your order.

Additional Return Points

Depending on the product you have, you might have to keep it packaged in its original container in order to get a full return. For instance, a mobile phone might have to be kept in its package and not have been activated or set up before you can return it.

Some products must be packaged in a container that has yet to be opened in order to get a full return. You may also have a limited period of time to get a return completed; depending on what you order; you might have only seven days of time to get a return taken care of on your particular item.

This term particularly works for more of our high-end products including digital cameras, tablets and mobile phones. Be sure to check on the order page for whatever item you are interested in buying to see what the official return terms for your product might be before ordering it.

Courier Contact for Returns

It can take about three to five days for a courier to arrive to collect your product. This is based on the timing after you send in an initial request to get a return. It may take longer for the courier to take care of the process but this depends heavily on the order volume that the courier is bearing with.

You will be unable to contact your courier directly to schedule a time for when your item is to be picked up. However, your courier may get in touch with you directly with regards to when your item is to be picked up. There are times when you may be able to send in some preferences with regards to when you might want to get your item picked up at.

Returning the Wrong Item

There might be times when you get the wrong item; that is, it is an item that is different from whatever you actually ordered. You can return that product if you ensure it is fully packaged in its original container. This will be fully refunded and you will receive the correct item in your next shipment.

Damaged Returns

There might be times when the product you have ordered was damaged during the shipping process. You can return the product to us in its original package to get a refund. We will analyze the product in question to ensure that it is actually damaged and will qualify for the return policy that we have to offer. Whether or not the product will be returned will be based heavily on the condition of that product as we receive it.

Changing Your Mind

There may be times when you might change your mind and find that you do not have much of a need for a particular product for sale. If you do change your mind on a purchase before you receive your order, call us immediately and we will process your refund and any shipping fees that might have come about.

This is good only for non-clearance items or any item that has not been listed among the products that we will not take back as returns.

Refunds on Credit Card

The money that you spend on your credit card in a return can be sent directly back to your card. It may take about a month for the return to show up on your credit card statement.

COD Refunds

A cash on delivery refund will be listed on your balance with us with regards to what you owe for your transaction. You may still be required to make some kind of payment on your order although it will not be as extensive as it was when you first got the product in question. This depends on the value of the product you have ordered and any special terms that might be associated with what you may have.